Portland's Year Round Farmers Market

16145 N.E. Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97230

Fruit Baskets

We specialize in creating beautiful hand-made fruit baskets, using top quality citrus, tropical and local grown fruit.

Garden/Produce Basket-style

½ Peck, 13 lbs.            $32.95
1 Peck, 17 lbs.             $41.95
½ Bushel, 25 lbs.         $59.95
1 Bushel, 45 lbs.          $89.95

Wicker Baskets

Wicker, 10 lbs.              $36.95
Lg. Wicker, 15 lbs.        $48.95
X-lg. Wicker, 21 lbs.      $68.95

Basket Specials
(not shown is above image)

Apples and citrus, 7 lbs.                     $18.95
Apples, citrus and bananas, 8 lbs.    $22.95

Our Fruit baskets feature

Apples, Pears and other seasonal fruit from the Northwest.

• Sunkist Navel Oranges
• Tangerines
• Pineapple
• Bananas

Or Customize Your Basket By adding

• Gourmet Coffees
• Mixed Nut
• Assorted Candies
• Chocolates
• Oregon Honey
• Amish Popcorn

Create the Perfect Basket

Our family owned business has been hand packing beautiful fruit baskets for over 40 years. We specialized in creating custom fruit baskets using a large assortment of local grown fruits and top quality citrus and tropical fruit. Let us help you give family, friends, or business associates a delicious gift they will appreciate and enjoy.

As always you may customize any basket with additions of candy, nuts, coffee, etc.


“This is what I call a fresh market. As soon as you walk in, depending on which entrance you come in. All the fruits and vegetables have real colors and look very fresh. The only place I know that has watermelons with seeds, which isn’t easy to find, so that’s a plus to start. Customer service is great, and everyone has a smile and determination to help the customer out…”

Antonio Nelson

“Most awesome store around!! fresh veggies and fruit. specialty items/mctavish cookies/,marsee baked goods are lovely!! Fresh bouquets of wonderful flowers!!”

Suzanne Hanson

“It was abundant with produce, some fresh, some from the store, had the classic Co-Op smell of herbs, incense and Bragg’s Amino Acids. Wonderful people working there, I wish the clientele were a little more forgiving. Yes, you cannot buy beer here.”

Brandon Smyth

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Growers Outlet
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16145 N.E. Glisan Street Portland, OR 97230
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